Video Frealane Performing Never Too Late



Neil and Melissa of World Winder travel great distances for music.  We’ve seen local bands in Ecuador, national and international acts in Argentina, and even made a musical pilgrimage to Nashville, Tennessee.

But since we were born and raised in New York, we enjoy coming back to catch live shows.  This video features Frealane a band based in NYC.  The song is called “Never Too Late”.  For band info check



VIDEO AWOL and Her Monster Jam

roller derby



We have traveled with our friend AWOL from Suburbia Roller Derby a couple of times.  We traveled to Muir Woods in California, rode bikes around ancient ruins in Thailand, and floated down river together in Laos.

But once you get AWOL on the floor at a roller derby bout in Yonkers, all pleasantries are abandoned.  She is likely to knock you onto your tailbone or to fly around you half a dozen times like you’re standing stationary.  On this video AWOL received perfect blocking and one teammate was kind enough to smash an opposing player to the ground near the end of the jam.

The ladies are skating this Saturday, June 15 at EJ Murray Memorial in Yonkers, NY.

roller derby

AWOL cleans up well for her derby bouts.

Video Great Smoky Mountains Chimney Tops Trail

Chimney Tops



We traveled to the Tennessee section of the Great Smoky Mountains on a multi-generational family road trip.  While there we took photographs of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and went on several hikes including the Chimney Tops Trail.  This is a video from the Chimney Tops hike.

The music in the background is by El Atolón de Funafuti a great band I met and filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Check out their website  The track is called “Los Cuervos”.

Video of Snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands



One year ago today we met Lilan Longo and his band Lilan Sur Expres.  Here is one of their songs called “Camino Alternativo”.

The video features footage from our trip to the Galapagos Islands with Quasar.  We sailed aboard the M/V Evolution.


VIDEO: Brass Band in Banos Ecuador at Feriados

beer delivery



World Winder traveled in Ecuador for three months in 2011. We were fortunate to have the chance to record music in Otavalo, Vilcabamba, and during our one month stay in Baños de Santa Agua. This brass band played with two foreigners on the street during the Feriados season in October.