Video Frealane Performing Never Too Late



Neil and Melissa of World Winder travel great distances for music.  We’ve seen local bands in Ecuador, national and international acts in Argentina, and even made a musical pilgrimage to Nashville, Tennessee.

But since we were born and raised in New York, we enjoy coming back to catch live shows.  This video features Frealane a band based in NYC.  The song is called “Never Too Late”.  For band info check



Video The Mighty SPECTRUM Band

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It is hard to believe that Melissa and I have been back from our world travels for nearly eight months.  Since returning from our exploration of South America and Europe, we haven’t slowed down much.

After returning to New York we sought business advice from banking professionals including Michael Saccardo of Chase.  Michael made us feel comfortable about our decision to go into business for ourselves.  Our background is in education, so changing our mindset from teaching to business is integral for our success.

Besides dishing solid  financial advice, Michael also gave us a tip on a local group called The Mighty SPECTRUM Band.  A few months later,  he invited us to our first Rockland Boulders game at Provident Bank Park.  After the game the staff allows fans to stay at the Bridge Bar and that is where the band was jamming.


Video The Narrowbacks at D&D’s



Melissa and I have traveled around the world and I’ve had a chance to shoot live music in Argentina, Iceland, and Ecuador.  But this video features something a bit closer to home.  The band is The Narrowbacks from Pearl River, New York.  You can find more information about them at  The band was playing at D&D’s Restaurant & Pub in New City, NY.  D&D’s has long been a local favorite and regular acts are brought in on rotation.

The Narrowbacks will be playing this weekend on Sunday, June 9th so check out their website for more details.

Video of Dominga Petrona Jamming in Buenos Aires



Today is World Winder’s second birthday so how about some funky music.  The first time that I saw Dominga Petrona jamming on the streets in Buenos Aires I didn’t have my video camera.  Melissa and I were seven months into our 9 month journey through South America.  Dominga Petrona had secured their usual corner spot in a bustling section of the Microcentro.   I was on a grocery run for a meal that Melissa was concocting in our apartment in the San Telmo district but I still had to linger for a few songs.  We were living as writers in Argentina and I was happy to meet another street band in this music-opolis.

This video contains footage from the next time I saw Dominga Petrona on the same corner.  Our travel buddies Julie and Tim joined us in Buenos Aires for a musical themed week of travel and sidetrips from Argentina‘s autonomous capital city.  At the time of this vlog post the band is rocking on the streets of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  Follow this hard working traveling band.

For more information on the band check out or their myspace page.

VIDEO: Brass Band in Banos Ecuador at Feriados

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World Winder traveled in Ecuador for three months in 2011. We were fortunate to have the chance to record music in Otavalo, Vilcabamba, and during our one month stay in Baños de Santa Agua. This brass band played with two foreigners on the street during the Feriados season in October.