Video Frealane Performing Never Too Late



Neil and Melissa of World Winder travel great distances for music.  We’ve seen local bands in Ecuador, national and international acts in Argentina, and even made a musical pilgrimage to Nashville, Tennessee.

But since we were born and raised in New York, we enjoy coming back to catch live shows.  This video features Frealane a band based in NYC.  The song is called “Never Too Late”.  For band info check



Video The Mighty SPECTRUM Band

beach photo



It is hard to believe that Melissa and I have been back from our world travels for nearly eight months.  Since returning from our exploration of South America and Europe, we haven’t slowed down much.

After returning to New York we sought business advice from banking professionals including Michael Saccardo of Chase.  Michael made us feel comfortable about our decision to go into business for ourselves.  Our background is in education, so changing our mindset from teaching to business is integral for our success.

Besides dishing solid  financial advice, Michael also gave us a tip on a local group called The Mighty SPECTRUM Band.  A few months later,  he invited us to our first Rockland Boulders game at Provident Bank Park.  After the game the staff allows fans to stay at the Bridge Bar and that is where the band was jamming.


VIDEO AWOL and Her Monster Jam

roller derby



We have traveled with our friend AWOL from Suburbia Roller Derby a couple of times.  We traveled to Muir Woods in California, rode bikes around ancient ruins in Thailand, and floated down river together in Laos.

But once you get AWOL on the floor at a roller derby bout in Yonkers, all pleasantries are abandoned.  She is likely to knock you onto your tailbone or to fly around you half a dozen times like you’re standing stationary.  On this video AWOL received perfect blocking and one teammate was kind enough to smash an opposing player to the ground near the end of the jam.

The ladies are skating this Saturday, June 15 at EJ Murray Memorial in Yonkers, NY.

roller derby

AWOL cleans up well for her derby bouts.

Video The Narrowbacks at D&D’s



Melissa and I have traveled around the world and I’ve had a chance to shoot live music in Argentina, Iceland, and Ecuador.  But this video features something a bit closer to home.  The band is The Narrowbacks from Pearl River, New York.  You can find more information about them at  The band was playing at D&D’s Restaurant & Pub in New City, NY.  D&D’s has long been a local favorite and regular acts are brought in on rotation.

The Narrowbacks will be playing this weekend on Sunday, June 9th so check out their website for more details.

How a Lack of Beer can be Ironic

beach photo


Just like Alanis Morrisette, I have always had a tough time determining when something is ironic, shocking or dumbfounding.  This has plagued me since my days in elementary school when I was only writing book reports.  One particular grade school teacher made me feel moronic for misidentifying the term ironic when I was ten.  I guess that negative reinforcement has created a repressive block on a section of my brain because I still freeze up when attempting to figure the difference between irony, coincidence, or linguistic juxtapositionafication.

beach photo

Melissa and I on a balcony overlooking Montanita’s famous surfing beach.

I think that it’s ironic that this teacher publicly dunce-capped me since I’ve gone on to teach English in five countries, won money on Wheel of Fortune, and now write every day.  Meanwhile, she probably only works with words while playing Scrabble and Bingo.  But in an attempt to improve my vocabulary I will analyze the nature of irony.

Places where surprisingly and/or ironically you can not buy beer

Melissa and I have traveled to over 30 countries and 30 states and beer has been an omnipresent noun along the way.  We drank from beer steins, beer mugs, and Nalgene bottles.  We glided passed billboards depicting happy guzzlers and enough neon signs to stretch from the Guinness brewery in Ireland to the Tiger factory in Singapore.

But one thing which intrigues me is when beer is not available in situations or at locations in which you expect the beverage to be present.  Here are three:

quilmes rock

Charly Garcia, Fito Paez and other Argentine National performed at Quilmes Rock. But no Quilmes beer was to be found.

1.  Quilmes Rock festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our friends Tim and Julie joined us in traveling to parts of Argentina and Uruguay.  On the day they flew to Buenos Aires we saw Charly Garcia, Fito Paez and other Argentine groups perform during the Quilmes Rock Festival.

Why we were surprised that there was no beer at Quilmes Rock Festival:

Generally speaking Argentines love live music and many of them enjoy drinking wine, fernet or beer while watching a show.

Was it ironic that there was no beer at Quilmes Rock Festival:

Quilmes is a huge beer company which distributes beer all over Argentina.  There are so many billboards, advertisements, and umbrellas branded by Quilmes logos that you can’t go five seconds without passing one.  Yet we couldn’t get a Quilmes beer at the Quilmes National Rock Festival.

german city

After the dry KSC football match in Karlsruhe, we headed to a Beer Fest.2.   KSC soccer match in Karlsruhe, Germany

2.   KSC soccer match in Karlsruhe, Germany

We met our friend Lord Ax Hooper in his hometown.  He took us to a soccer match in Karlsruhe that was dry, in other words, they don’t sell alcohol.  Immediately after the game he brought us to a beer festival to make up for the lack of beer at the stadium.

Why we were surprised that there was no beer at Wildpark Stadion:

Germany is a beer-adoring nation.  They have a beer for everything including one to drink with a morning sausage.

Was it ironic that there was no beer at Wildpark Stadion?:

I feel that it was ironic because most people around the world assume that Germans would have beer.  Is that a correct use of irony or a misidentification?  How about the fact that Alemania is German for Germany and it begins with A-L-E?  Does that make it ironic that there was no beer sold at a soccer match?  I’m never going to get this right.

beach ecuador

You can have fish soup and get buy some shades, but it’s tough to find a beer on Sundays in Montanita.

3.  Down by the beach-town of Montanita, Ecuador

We met Sergio when we traveled to the Galapagos Islands.  A few months later we reunited on the Ruta Del Sol and spent two night in the party town of Montanita.  This beach town is infamous for all-night parties which draw backpackers by the hostel-load.  On Sunday there is technically no alcohol for sale from stores and vendors.

Why we were surprised that there was no beer on Sunday in Montanita:

Montanita is a huge tourist draw with plenty of beach town competition both to the North and South.  Not serving alcohol on the weekend to a party-hungry beach party crowd may cause them to take their thirsts elsewhere.

Was it ironic that there was no beer on Sunday in Montanita?:

Well for me it was.  When Sergio first brought us to the small grid of a town known as Montanita it was passed midnight and technically still Sunday morning.  There was alcohol for sale everywhere.  Street vendors were selling fish soup with beer, nearly any building with a door had beer for sale, and pizza carts were rolling up and down the street enabling patrons to eat without leaving their beers.  When we awoke the next day the beach and town were practically deserted.  No beer = adios ami-(grin)-gos.


Well I don’t thing I’ve learned anything new about irony but I’m ready for a cold one.