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At Luna Runtun, the Best Views in Baños Ecuador

Melissa Ruttanai & Neil Friedman are wandering wordsmiths, dedicated to global nomadism.  Married in 2006, they’ve been traversing the world from land and sea to cenote and summit.  Completely addicted to travel, Melissa & Neil blog and photograph their adventures to share on World Winder.  Feel free to leave a comment or suggest a stop along the way.

Certified educators, Melissa and Neil love teaching.  Their pedagogy is interdisciplinary in nature and pitched around the idea that life should be sustainable, liberating, and exhilarating.  They eat, travel, and sleep for the next adventure, the quiet beach, the candlelit dinner.

In 2011-2012, they traveled  around the world, starting with a fabulous trip to the Galapagos, backpacking down the Andean Mountains, and swinging through Asia for Summer 2012.  They write, work, and trade their skills to keep their travel costs manageable.  They freelanced and taught and lived like locals in small vilages while keeping in touch with clients from around the world.

For more information or just to connect along the traveler’s route, leave a comment or email us at editor@worldwinder.com

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

World Winder Interview via MegaMix Radio Croatia in Hvar Island.

So, what’s your favorite place to visit?

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Sophie says:

    KIA ORA! Your newsletter landed in my email today, and it’s pretty spooky because I was telling some colleagues about a certain bus trip last week (we were sharing random travel adventures) and got to wondering what you were both up to these days 🙂

    Rob and I are living in his native New Zealand now, with our daughter and several chickens – we aim to spend the next few years exploring NZ for our holidays, because it’s packed full of cool stuff in spite of the country’s small size and I haven’t seen nearly enough yet. If you ever make your way to the South Pacific, come by and say kia ora!

    big hugs, Soph xx

    • Neil Friedman says:

      Hey Sophie
      It’s been too long since we last met in Sydney in 2003. I’m always thinking back to our time on the Green Tortoise cross-country trip. It was life changing for me. We hope to make it to New Zealand especially after meeting more travelers from there in this past year.

  2. James says:

    Hey Neil! Great site!

  3. Curious Nomad says:

    Your story is inspiring! It’s always nice to hear how long it takes to plan for such a journey. Similar to your story, I’ve been trying to figure this out for 5 years as well. It looks like it will take me about a couple years to save enough money. In reading other travel blogs, it seems like it takes about two years.

    • Hi Curious Nomad!
      We knew we were meant for another stint on the road and Ecuador really called out to us, though Spain was a very close 2nd. Starting a long trip in South America is a good choice to help stretch your money. Bolivia and Ecuador were the cheapest countries on our trip. We didn’t make it to Colombia but the buzz is insane about that place! As you go down the Andean Spine, things get more pricey. Good luck and keep us posted on your plans!

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