Were these Made by Aliens?


While this ancient phenomenon was featured in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the Nazca Lines are beyond anything Hollywood could concoct.  In the true heart of the desert, sand drifts create the illusion of running water.  Giant monoliths of stone poke out of the desert as if gasping for air and even the locals admit “Yes, it is very hot today.”  But crusading travelers will not be swayed.  We’re made of tougher metal than that.  In the early morning before the high winds kick into gear or the sun has a chance to do its worst, you can climb into a small aircraft and jettison into the sky for a premier glimpse over the UNESCO World Heritage site.  Fourteen sand-etched caricatures stare up at the blue sky.  Giant drawings resemble a whale, astronaut, monkey, dog, condor, spider, and hummingbird.  Many archaeologists surmise that the lines are a form of calendar.  Others believe they are magical incantations.  As you sweep across the landscape, see what hypothesis you can postulate.

fly over the nazca lines

Ready for our flight in Nazca

astronaut of the nazca lines

Can you see the space man?











the mysterious lines in Peru

A bird? A falcon? Right by the highway!

nazca and peru

The highway runs past the lines too










animals in the nazca lines peru

The hummingbird!

flights are 45 minutes over the Nazca Lines

A Monkey!














































































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