Refreshing Older Content on Blogs without Duplicating


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Working with content doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Just because an article isn’t new doesn’t mean it’s past its usefulness.  As Neil and I continue blogging regularly, our archived articles occasionally drop off the radar. Newer articles are favored by search engines at this moment in time because it seems newer is considered better.  At we don’t believe that.  We believe some stories and lessons are timeless even if they were written in the past.  To help refresh older content without duplicating material, seasoned veterans and newbie bloggers can use some of these tactics.


Repost from the “Archive” to newsfeed

Probably one of the easiest ways to remind readers of older content, just tell them.  People love “archived” stuff particular if there is an anniversary, holiday,  or some sentimental attachment to the topic.  Guest posts are great too.


Take pictures from older posts and create a new album on FB, or Pinterest with backlinks.  We’re a visual society and people like when anniversary photos of cool trips to a brewery inside a Pittsburgh church.  Take pictures that you’ve posted with an older article and find different ways to utilize them.  Since you’ve already probably resized, cropped, and given them captions you don’t have to go through those steps again.  But it can’t hurt to add some never-before-seen photos with your older photos as well.  Then post them to your Facebook page as an album, each with a link to the original post.  It can revitalize a great subject.


Refresh internal links–inbound and outbound.

This one is tough especially if you are posting often.  Building internal links between older material and new articles helps search engines index your site more effectively.  It literal connects your old ideas to new ones. Give yourself credit for that work you did a year or two ago.


Add an update to previous posts

We’ve had to do this on several travel articles.  Prices go up (or down if you’re talking about Laos, apparently).  Events occur and may not happen again for a year if they ever repeat.  Attractions get shut down and restaurants close.  Keep your readers abreast of the situation.


Layer new videos into your posts

Written content can take time to create and video content can take even longer.  So when you publish new video make sure to go back into older material and see if the video could add value to existing material.  If it does, embed the video straight into the older post.


Create a roundup: Five places I can’t believe I found good beer

Bloggers write about what we love.  Often subjects will repeat across the difference categories in your site.  Why not create a round up for these related articles?   For example, a friend asked me about great vacations for shutterbugs.  So I wrote a short list for him and turned it into a post about photo safaris around the world.  Done!

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