Photos: KSC Football and Beer Fest in Karlsruhe Germany



Germany is a large country unified by love of football and guzzling of beer.  When we visited our friend Lord Ax Hooper in Karlsruhe he delivered hefty heaps of both football and beer all on one afternoon  We originally met Lord Ax in Banos de Santa Agua, Ecuador while on our career break from teaching in NYC.  We traveled to Latacunga with the Ax-Man to take video of La Fiesta Mama Negra and Señor Hooper also counseled me on the benefits of acupuncture for my injured knee.

banner football

The Karlsruhe football motto is “You’ll never walk alone”. These are comforting words for traveling nomads.

Reuniting with Lord Ax Hooper in his hometown of Karlshruhe Germany

Eleven months later we met the Lord in his hometown of Karlsruhe and he showed us around a swath of the southwest region of Germany.  We took a taxi to the Wildpark Stadion  where  the local team KSC was hosting FC Saarbrucken.  The visiting team hails from an interesting region of Germany.  In 1935 the residents there voted on a plebiscite and 90 percent of the resident decided for reunification with Germany while only 0.8% were interested in calling themselves French.

picture beer festival

Karlsruhe football supporters at the game against against SC Saarbrucken.

But who cares about FC Saarbrucken.  World Winder supports KSC.  Also known as Karlsruher Sport Club, the team lives by the motto “You’ll never walk alone”.  This fits in well since we are backpacking travel bloggers.  Our team defeated the visitors from Saarbrucken 3-0.  The game was held on September 2, 2012 and the attendance was approximately 14,317.

There was no sign of aggression or violence and security at the game was well-armed and intense.  So don’t be worried about hooligans or anything like that.  We witnessed nothing other than sport loving fans eating plates of curry wurst and washing it down with beer.  Armed guards seemed to outnumber sausage chomping fans, but that’s probably because I was staring at their shiny guns.  We cheered with local supporters as our squad extended their lead.

soccer goalie

The goalie makes a save

After the game we followed a knowledgeable group on a hike to an international beer festival by the castle.  Karlsruhe is one of nine cities across the country to hold this annual festival which serves hundreds of beers from over 70 nations.  I learned that even if you are at an international beerfest you’ll still get perplexed looks from locals when you grab a non-German liter of beer.  As the sun started to dip low, a balloon floated skyward.  We sipped beers hailing from the Romantic Road to Berlin and Croatia to Belgium while daydreaming about winning scores and steady pours.

international festival

After the game we followed a crowd and walked to a nearby castle for an international beer festival. Mel sank her jowls on a fish sandwich.

football stadium germany

Fans enjoying a beautiful and a 3-0 victory at Wildpark Stadion.







tourism sports

We enjoyed our time in this less touristed area of Germany in the Southwest.



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