Growler and Gill: Craft Beer in the Hudson Valley


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Left Hand Brewery at Growler and Gill!

“We’re going to head out in a little bit.  This bar’s having a grand opening in Nanuet.”  Our friend Cynthia sips her beer and I am immediately intrigued.  New shops in Rockland county have a hard market to break into.  Residents in this Hudson Valley region like what they like and have a routine that usually dictates where their consumer bucks go.  But in November 2012, a craft beer specialty shop called Growler and Gill opened, challenging local beer distributors to bump up their game.



What is a growler?  And what is a gill?

The beer shop is apparently named after two measurements of beer.  A growler is a glass jar big enough to hold about 5-6 pints of beer.  A gill is a miniature high ball glass, officially 4 ounces in US standard measurements.  As Cynthia and Pat led the charge from our old pub choice to this new haunt, I loved it immediately.  Dark wood bar services.  High top tables.  Wood bookshelves now made for beer bottles from around the world.  A large area to the side of the taps is for beer tastings on Thursday nights, starting at 5pm.  Since our first introduction to the beer shop, we’ve been back with other friends in tow and spread the word about this shop and bar that serves local and international brews.  Right before the holidays, we stopped in for a tasting with Left Hand Brewery and for the first time I tasted a milk stout.  With my beer preferences ranging between reds and ambers, this dark brew was a decadent surprise!


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Every Thursday! Free Beer tastings in Nanuet

Our two cents

Growler and Gill has ample space and welcoming décor.  So parents can jockey strollers in between tables while they snack on seasoned pretzels.  They have a quiz night on Wednesdays for the trivia minded and televisions showing major sporting events.  The shelves have Belgium Trappist beers and our favorite from Canada: La Fin du Monde.  Happy hours are a good time to take advantage of the taps since regular prices are $7 for a glass.  But bartenders won’t rush you.  In fact they’ll help you find the perfect draft if you tell them what you usually drink.  I prefer malty beers but their hoppy pours are good as well.


If you’re headed to the shop, it might be tough to find.  Keep an eye out for Rockland Mattress.  The bar is located on the leftside of the small plaza.  Doors close around 11pm but the night life town of Nyack is just down Route 59 on the Hudson River. Or if you love beer, read about other great places far and near where you can catch a good pint

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Coaster love!

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