Super Bowl Themed Photos at the Hall of Fame



World Winder is back in the states for our favorite sporting holiday.  We missed two full NFL seasons while traveling through South America and Europe on our gap year adventures.  Now we are back in New York for Super Bowl Sunday.  We’ll watch Melissa’s beloved Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens run the ball against the defense of the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

ring hall of fame

Stare into the bling of a Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl ring in Canton.

Being home for the Super Bowl is awesome

It’s the time of year where passionate fans from rival football clans get together and put differences aside in pursuit of the perfect dip to chip ratio and deft tv commercial analysis.  Fierce fantasy disputes take a backseat to pre kickoff wagers and everyone at the party is hoping for their numbers to come up on 10X10 box pools.  Even Mardi Gras gets shifted aside when the Super Bowl comes to the Superdome.

This year’s Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, February 3rd 2013.  It is the 47th Super Bowl (XLVII).  The game will be played in the recently renovated Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It will be the tenth time the city has hosted the National Football League’s final game of the playoffs.  Halftime acts seem to be shifting from the rocking and wrinkled acts of past bowls and toward the soulful and smooth likes of Beyonce who will be holding the mic this weekend.

super bowl statistic

The Super Bowl is watched all over the world.

More on our series on NFL football

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ray rice

Melissa caught football fever as a student at Rutgers. Ray Rice playing in the International Bowl in Toronto

ditka bust

Mike Ditka won Super Bowl XX as coach of the Chicago Bears.

lombardi trophy vince

The Vince Lombardi Trophy goes to the Super Bowl winner.

history lombardi

Facts about the Lombardi Trophy on a wall at the football hall of fame in Canton.

visit hall of fame

The football Hall of Fame makes for a great road trip stop. There are many kid friendly exhibits.





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