Video of La Transumanza in Le Marche Italy



La Tavola Marche is an inn and cooking school located in Le Marche ItalyOwners Jason and Ashley Bartner hosted World Winder.  Participating in the annual activity known as La Transumanza in Piobbico was a highlight of our stay in the Italian countryside.  Website for La Tavola Marche

The song “Karamba”, was performed by a band called Retro Stefson.  They are from Rekjavik, Iceland.  Check out their videos on Youtube and if they come to your city, definitely see them.  Retro Stefson official website

Video of La Transumanza in Italy

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  1. Ryan says:

    Totally dig the video Neil. What a wild and random sight that must have been to see all those Cattle being herded through the town.

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