e-Bikes in Costa Brava Spain


biking through Spain

Riding over cobblestones

After a fun TBEX convention in Girona, we set out to explore the region and its hidden gems.  We visited beaches and rode a ship around – and even dined with twinkling lights and cava at the Aiqua Blava Hotel.  So we were ready for a little sun and exercise.  Of all the activities that Neil and I have experienced, riding a bicycle is one thing we’ve done over and over again.  We rode the death road in Bolivia, survived the Atacama desert in Chile and zipped between vineyards in Lucca, Italy.  But only in Spain did we ride in 21st century style.  No sweat required.  We had ebikes!


wine and bike tour in Catalonia

With an electrical motor, these bike tours are easy!

Beginning in a Medieval Village on the Roda d’Or

With a medieval castle dating back to the 16th century, Peratallada is a cobblestoned town with green vines hanging low between stone houses and little eateries tucked into shaded alcoves. Our e-bikes were supplied by a company called Roda d’or.  We hopped onto our electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, tightened our helmets and whirled down the alleyways.  No need to peddle hard.   With any hit of an uphill the electric motor kicks in for an extra push.  If a true hill climb approaches, you can even switch on a gas motor for an extra blast on the tour.


biking in Spain

Green vines on a bike tour through Spanish medieval towns.

Through the Countryside into Rice Paddies

Leaving the town limits, we cut across the countryside where fruit plantations rise up on both sides of the road.  Giant crates of apples and limes stack up on the curbside and as I passed one field I saw boxes turned over with beautiful green apples spilled onto the ground.  I stopped, unable to pull myself away and was soon joined by my blogger buddies who’d come to check out the orchard.  Here we met the owner, Narcis, who invited us to taste the fruit and rest for a bit.


easy tour in spain

Neil on his ride!

Lunch and Porron Time with the Mayor of Pals

eBiking makes me ravenous especially after a few stops in the orchards and a nice tour of a rice plantation with goats and tabby cats.  Thank goodness our hosts had refreshment plans.  In the tradition of the local cuisine, we feasted on rice casserole called arros a la cassola.  Slow food to the max: deep dish pans arrived at our table filled with fine grain rice, seafood and vegetables.  To accommodate two vegetarians, the restaurant served a mini-platter of vegetable casserole which was not so tiny.  To wash down everything, we helped ourselves to local black wine and even experimented with the wine porron, a glass decanter used for social drinking events.

fruit in girona

Sweet apples make a good snack!

Thanks you to Roda d’or for the complimentary e-bike tour and of course Narcis for your apples.  For information on booking an e-bike tour in Peratallada with Roda d’or follow this link.

electric bike tour in Spain

The e-bike with a gasoline reserve tank!







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