The Fountain of Youth! It’s in Kyoto



Ponce De Leon should have sailed to Japan for the Fountain of Youth.  As winter recedes and spring sweeps across the Land of the Rising Sun, thousands of Japanese head to Kyoto’s Kiyomizu, the Temple of Pure Water.  Founded in 780 at the Otawa Waterfalls, the temple is a goliath house of worship, perched majestically against the mountainside.  On the wooden promenade, lean over the edge for an unrivaled view of ancient Kyoto.  Inside the main hall, notice the architecture devoid of nails.  Then, follow the crowd past guardian dragons and a sacred gateway to where the falls spill over the rocks.  Cold from its high-peak source and crystal clear, the water flows down in three streams, offering cleansing for longevity, success, and love.  Queue up with retired businessmen, young brides, and anxious college students. Take a cup and drink—but choose one!  Tasting all three is considered greedy.

Maruyrama Park

stroll in the twilight at Maruyama Park

orange temple paint in kyoto

Hundreds of temples in Kyoto and each are different. Love the orange hue here!











Japanese crane on a rock

In Kyoto nature lives along side old temples


sumo wrestlers fighting in Japan

But Japan is more than peace and nature. Some of it is warrior fighting and thunderous applause!













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